Monday, January 14, 2013

Reorganized Home Challenge Week #3: Declutter Your Kitchen

I hope that you have been able to follow along with our 52 Week Reorganized Home Challenge. I have a fairly small kitchen with a minimal amount of counter space. When I am in the kitchen, I get frustrated when I don't have enough work space.

This week's challenge is to declutter your kitchen.

Challenge Steps:
  1. Take everything off your counters, refrigerator, wall, etc
  2. Clean your kitchen counters and stove and wipe down the outside of your refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and cabinets
  3. Put only the things that you really need back on your counters and on your fridge
    • Think about the appliances that you have on your counter. Do you use them everyday? If not, store them in a cabinet or in your pantry.
    • Keep the outside of your fridge as clutter free as possible. I still have a few magnets on mine and usually some artwork, but I keep it to a minimum.
Additional Ideas:

Declutter your counters by putting your fruits in a hanging basket, like the one pictured above. I like the hanging baskets because they still free up counter space, unlike the freestanding variety. I purchased this Wall Mount Planter , removed the liner and mounted it using two screws. As you can see, it holds quite a bit of fruit.
Minimize the items on and around your kitchen sink by utilizing your under sink cabinets. I found this Over the Cabinet Basket this is the perfect size to hold my dish washing soap, sponge, and bottle brush so that they aren't using counter space. I also have my disinfecting wipes and air spray close at hand.
What other ideas do you have for decluttering your kitchen? If you have missed any of the prior challenges, you can find them here.
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