Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Friend Ministry: DIY Bird's Nest Necklaces

One of my top 6 priorities for 2013, is to work on my ministry to others. I have scheduled time each week to spend focusing on my relationships with my friends. This week during my friend time, I made these simple Bird's Nest Necklaces. I was given one from a friend and I love mine. I have several friends that are expecting or just had a baby and I thought they would make great gifts.

I purchased all of my supplies at Michael's, but I found that all of the items were just as cheap on Amazon as they were in the store (and many of the items have free shipping). I had the pliers and wire cutter at home, but purchased everything else. In total, I spent $17 dollars to make 4 necklaces or $4.25 each. I still have wire, clasps, jump rings, and beads left over.


Step #1

Arrange beads on wire with just a bit of wire left at the end. You can use as many beads as you like in this step. (Sorry for the blurry picture, I was multi-tasking and holding my 6 month old)

Step #2

Wrap wire around beads until you have your desired width.


Step #3

Leave about 6 inches of wire at end and cut with wire cutters.

Step #4

Wrap wire between each bead and around all wires 2-3 times. During this process attach a jump ring or make a ring out of the wire. Cut wire and tuck end into back of nest.

Step #5

Place chain through jump ring and attach clasp at one end of chain using a jump ring. Attach another jump ring to the other side of the chain.

That's it. I think that this is a simple and inexpensive gift to give to your friends!

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