Friday, January 4, 2013

52 Week Marriage Challenge: Week One

One of my top 6 priorities for 2013, is to develop a deeper and stronger relationship with my husband. I have been thinking about a way to accomplish this and decided it would be great to create a 52 Week Marriage Challenge. Similar to my 52 Week Reorganized Home Challenge, I will post a challenge each week meant to strengthen the bond with your spouse.

Week One Challenge: Find a devotional to work through as a couple during the course of this year.

I believe that working through a Christ based devotional with your husband will not only improve your relationship, but it will put Christ where he the center of your relationship. No matter how much time you spend with your husband, your relationship will never reach its full potential if Christ is not a part of it.

My husband and I started working through the devotional Closer: 52 Devotions to Draw Couples Together last year, but with the busyness of the holidays, it fell by the wayside. I am going to set aside time every week to make sure that we get back on track and finish working through the book (this is also one of my goals for 2013). I have been very pleased with this book so far.

If you are looking for more ideas for marriage based devotionals, there are some additional titles available on Amazon:



If you are dating, there are also a good devotionals available for Christian couples:


Are you working through a devotional with your spouse? How has working through a devotional changed your relationship?

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