Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Handprint Crab Craft {ab Word Family Week}

For our "ab" Word Family Week, we have a couple cute crab themed crafts that we are doing. Learn Create Love shared this fun Handprint Crab Craft.

Materials Needed:
  • White card stock (or white paper)
  • Fingerpaint (I use the Crayola brand)
  • Googly eyes (purchased at Dollar Tree)

  1. Using one hand at a time, cover in red paint. I had my daughter place her hand in fingerpaint and then I used a paintbrush to make sure paint was even.
  2. Place hand sideways on paper with thumb up.
  3. Repeat with other hand and place hand so that it slightly overlaps with other handprint.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Attach googly eyes and draw mouth.
  6. Color bottom of picture with peach crayon for sand. You could also add some blue crayon on top for water.
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