Friday, December 28, 2012

Household Management Binder and Creating a Schedule

To accomplish my 6 Top Priorities, I am creating a new schedule and Household Management Binder for 2013. By creating a schedule, I will be able to make sure that I accomplish the things that I need to do first to keep my priorities in order. For those of you that haven't ever used a Household Management Binder, it is a great tool to organize all of your day to day information. I have used a Household Management Binder in the past, but I have to admit that I haven't used it as consistently as I should.

There are some great free printables available to help you create your own Household Management Binder. I like to pick and choose the printables that best suit my needs.

Organizing Home Life has a great set of free Home Management Printables to get your binder started.


Life Your Way also has a fantastic set of free printables that includes Menu Planners, Emergency Information, Babysitter Notes and more.

Amy Bayliss offers free printables for your Home Management Binder that include planning sections for church, Bible study, and ministry.

To begin with, I am keeping my binder very simple and I will add on to it as the year goes on. I printed a cover sheet, daily and weekly chore sheet,  monthly calendar, Birthdays and Anniversaries tracker, and Read Through the Bible in One Year printable.

I am excited to use the Read Through the Bible in One Year printable to keep me in line with my number one priority to focus on my relationship with God. The Birthdays and Anniversaries tracker is perfect to focus on my priority to serve others, the chore sheet will help me to work on my priority of household management, and planning out my weeks will allow me to focus on ALL of my priorities more effectively.

Do you use a Household Management Binder? If so, how does it help you to keep your priorities in line?

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