Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List: Pretend Birthday Party

My four year old daughter and I put together a Summer Bucket List of 50 things that we would like to do this summer as a family. I tried to get her creative input as much as possible because I want the activities to be fun and engaging.

If you would like to create a Summer Bucket List for your family, you can download my free printable here.

 Today, we decided that our first Bucket List activity would be to throw a Pretend Birthday Party for ourselves. We came up with a list of activities and threw ourselves a our pajamas or course!

First, we baked some "cupcakes", which are really Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins from Weelicious (my favorite site for kid friendly recipes). I am trying to adapt more of a Montessori teaching style in our home, so I am trying to let the girls do all activities that they are capable of doing by themselves. I helped make the "cupcakes", but allowed them to do most of the measuring, pouring, and mixing. Baking is a great learning experience for toddlers and preschoolers. It not only allows them to practice their fine motor skills, but is also a great introduction to counting and fractions.

Peeling and mashing the bananas

Whisking the wet ingredients

Putting the cupcake wrappers in the pan
Pouring batter into the cupcake wrappers

While we were waiting for the "cupcakes" to bake, we wrapped a pretend present using a shoebox and wrapping paper. I allowed both of them to cut the wrapping paper with their safety scissors and they taped the paper onto the box. I also had a bow and scraps of ribbon that they glued on for decoration.
4 year old cutting wrapping paper

Two year old cutting wrapping paper

Decorating the box
Next, the girls made birthday cards with markers and stickers. I had my four year old trace Happy Birthday and she wrote her name, while my two year old just drew free form.
By the time they completed these activities, the "cupcakes" were ready to decorate. They each chose two candle and we put on whipped cream and sprinkles.
Finally, it was time for the party. We sang Happy Birthday, ate our "cupcakes" and unwrapped the present.

This turned out to be a fun and creative pretend play activity. What is your favorite pretend play activity? Please share in the comments.

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